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Treatments for Bladder Problems

The good news is that most women (80 to 90%) who seek help for urinary leakage find that their symptoms improve after treatment. There is a wide array of treatment options, ranging from lifestyle and behavioural changes to surgical options.

Get evaluated and review potential treatment options for your urinary leakage. The more you know, the more confident you will be in choosing the direction of treatment. Depending upon the extent of your symptoms and treatment goals, there may be one or more options for your bladder control problem:

  • Conservative treatments

    • By making lifestyle and behavioral changes you can help control pelvic floor disorder symptoms:

      • Diet and fitness

      • Pelvic muscle exercises

      • Bladder retraining

    • Vaginal Devises

  • Surgery​

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 urinary leakage

 Overactive Bladder

Emptying Problems

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