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You are being invited to take part in this survey because we are interested in your recent experience with our office.


Your responses to the questions on the survey will help us to improve the care we provide. There are 15 questions, which will take less than 5 minutes to complete.


Your participation is completely voluntary. All of your responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential.

You are providing feedback for:


1.Did our office contact you to acknowledge that we accepted your referral?

2.Did we keep you informed about your place on the consult waitlist?

3. What was the primary form of communicate with our office?

4.In terms of your referral and scheduling your appointment(s), how would you rate communication with our office (on a scale of poor to excellent)?

5.How effective were the office staff in meeting your needs as a patient?

6.How would you rate the office staff, in terms of the process of getting appointments and follow-up?

Please complete all questions on this page

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